The History

Mother Filter LLC was founded in a small town in Kentucky on a single mother's struggles and her brutally honest fashionista son's attitude. If you know anything about small towns, there is not much of a selection; if any, when it comes to any type of business. In this small town, the clothing selection consisted of driving 30+ minutes for semi-expensive, questionable quality and a low variety of styles and sizes. Another option was to drive 1+ hour(s) to get good quality clothes with a poor selection of styles and sizes, but very expensive. If you are a single parent, you know that there just isn't the time and money for those options.

As a single parent, your resources in every aspect go to your child(ren) and you even feel guilty for buying something for yourself when you have the extra cash on those rare occasions. This company has always been a pipe dream lurking in the back of Ms. Chilton's mind. However, the timing was always off kilter and she lacked support from those around her. Ms. Chilton's father; her main support system, passed away leaving her a little broken, a little lost, and increasingly overwhelmed with her new responsibilities as the executor of his estate. About a year and a half later, Ms. Chilton found herself with a newborn in a very unhealthy relationship to say the least. When her son was two weeks old, she realized that her son deserved better. She loaded up her son and left with hope of a better life than what he had.

With support from her family, she was able to pull herself out of the darkness with the bright light from her son shining through. She got on her feet with an intense and exhausting full-time job. She promoted up and was able to stand on her own as a single mother. She was even able to purchase the vehicle she has always wanted following a car accident that forced her to find one that wasn't so totaled. Eventually she started to notice her son's love for fashion and that he did not hesitate to tell you his blunt opinion no matter how harsh.
Utilizing the skills acquired from previous professions (Human Resources, Customer Service, Management, and Legal), she began to make connections with manufacturers and wholesalers to branch out on her own business venture. Together they set forth to provide quality products with unique designs, exceptional customer service and a broad price range. Ms. Chilton believes that all shapes, sizes and colors are beautiful in every way which is why she strives to offer a wide variety in these three aspects. She offers the convenience of online shopping and delivery to your closet straight from the manufacturers.

Thanks to customers' support, she was able to form the business, "Mother Filter LLC" and is working diligently to make it a success.

The Mission

 Mother Filter LLC's mission is to deliver refined apparel to our customers at reasonable prices. We plan to achieve this by establishing connections with wholesalers to gain a wide variety of quality products and creating unique designs within the company while providing exceptional customer service to our Mother Filter family.